Creating good content : 5 tips to get you started

Do you have a plan for your content marketing or is your approach a bit scattergun?

You have a choice – either invest in the time to create good content that will build your brand, or take the easy path and write poor content that will get you nowhere.

If you write strong, original content search engines will increase the profile of your site. Google has made it clear that they don’t like sites that duplicate their content and will reward good quality sites that create original content.

Whatever you use your website for – perhaps business or a particular hobby that could grow into a business, then it’s important to do it right.

Give people answers

An engaged audience will take in all that you write or say, but in order to get an engaged audience you must write engaging content. When people use your website, what they’re basically looking for is answers. Ensure that your content can be easily scanned so that users can pick up the important points quickly.

Know your customers

When you write it should be driven by your audience and what they care about. You should know the basics about your customers, but to create meaningful content you’ll need to go a bit deeper. Do your research, talk to people and listen.

Have a strong story

Provide a strong story – don’t just have a script of what your business does or how it does it, but focus on why your business exists and what the purpose is. What makes you more equipped than anyone else to help people? Be honest and your audience will notice the difference.

Continually update your website or blog

Starting a website is a big commitment and if your site has content and/or a blog, you need to regularly update. Search engines don’t like sites that aren’t updated so do it as regularly as you can. We all have different priorities but you need to make an effort to update at least once a week – if you can’t then pay someone who can.

Take care of the quality

Never treat your content lightly. Creating content is not easy and you need to take the time to research and write. Have a strong title, precise grammar and always proof read your work. Avoid using too many words and give readers the best information that you possibly can.

Content marketing isn’t a short-term investment, but put in the hard work and you will notice a difference. If you need any assistance, please just ask. I’d be more than happy to help.