Do you really focus on your customer needs?

When communicating with customers, either in your sales literature or on your website, do you talk about yourself or do you focus on your customers and their needs?

Try to view marketing as real life as appose to some kind of dark art. In real life we all get a bit tired of people who spend most of their time boasting and talking about themselves and tend to prefer people who talk about your interests and, as far as I’m concerned, it’s the same in marketing.

In the majority of websites that I’ve visited, a huge amount focus on the company rather than the customer. Almost all take the approach of being boastful and quite inward looking, with phrases such as “We are one of the leading suppliers of….” or “We are committed to….”.

The key thing to do is to sell the benefits that you offer. Yes, people want to be reassured that they are dealing with a good company, but only after they understand the benefits that you can offer them.

Think about what your website is saying and try to view your site as a window to you. When you have attracted a person’s interest your site is usually the first place they will go. If your site was a shop, when looking through the window, would you want to walk in?

Once in the shop, do you want to be faced with a helpful salesperson who answers your actual question, or do you want the reply to be:

“We’re the best shop in town.”

“Do you want to understand our vision?”

“Do you want to read our mission statement?”

Try to communicate as if you’re having a conversation. People buy from people, so your content should appear as a direct dialogue between you and the reader. It’s impossible to address by name on a website so using “you” is the next best thing.

My advice…

Make sure that your messages talk about your customers more than they talk about you. Count how many times your messages talk about your customers and how much they’re about you and get the balance right. Show your customers how your products and services can actually meet their needs.

Creating the right content should be a top priority. If you need help or simply looking for a different approach, please get in touch. I’d be more than happy to help.