Do you use the back of your business card?

Face to face networking will never be replaced and is still one of the best ways to make new contacts. Your business card is an essential tool so why not use every part of it and make a lasting impression.
Digital print has significantly reduced the cost of business cards, making it much easier to update them more regularly.
Could you make your cards into more than just contact details?
Here are some ideas that will make your cards work harder.


Tell people your story

To begin with there are the compulsory items: your name, your company name, your email address, your phone number, your twitter handle and your website, but what about telling people what you actually do.

You have a small space where you can include a punchy set of bullet points that list each product or service that you offer. Next time you hand someone your card watch what they do – they usually read the front then flip it over. Use this as an opportunity for a short conversation about how you can help.


Use technology

Add a QR code that links to an online destination of your choice. The world really is your oyster when it comes to QR codes. They’re simple and cheap to generate and most mobile phones/devices are already set up to read the code or you can download a code reader for free. Your QR code could link to your website or you could prepare an introductory video and place it on You Tube. Whichever you choose, your card can become an introduction to you and your business.


Tailor make the content

Now that digital print has made business cards significantly cheaper, why not replace your cards to advertise your latest offers or design a few different reverses with content that is specific to your target groups. You may be exhibiting at an event and want to promote a special offer for those who visit your stand – the opportunities are endless.


A few words of advice

A bit of personality is great, but don’t go design crazy, don’t clutter and aim to be practical. There are a lot of different finishes to choose from but my advice is to stay away from plastic or metal and make sure that you leave some blank space. People often like to make a note on your card as to where they met you or what you talked about so that they remember who you are.……after all, isn’t that why you gave them your card in the first place.


If you need help with any of your marketing tools or you’re just starting out, we’d love to be of service.