Insider tips on how to write a good advert

I am regularly amazed by the amount of adverts I see with vague headlines that don’t even feature a keyword.

When done well, advertising your business can be an effective way to let people know about your products and services. So what makes a good advert? The simple answer to this question is impact.

Here are my tips for writing a good advert:

– Any wording on an advert should be to the point, punchy and unambiguous.

– Every word that is used must earn its keep, so don’t use too many words when you can say the same thing with half the amount.

– Try to keep to just facts and specifics, such as promises and prices and ensure you can justify these if challenged. Remember – false claims in advertising is illegal.

– Before you do anything, assemble a list of your key points and tick them off as you begin to include them.

– Put yourself in the readers’ position – what would make you stop and read the advert. Consider what will interest the reader. Use a friendly, direct style, more like speech than formal writing.

– Write as though you’re talking to your customer and talk to the reader directly, using ‘you’ and ‘we’ to make your message personal.

– Stay away from long and pompous words, jargon or obscure sayings, in favour of short, lively, ordinary vocabulary.

– Emphasise your main points, to make sure they are understood and remembered.

– Avoid exaggerating and using too many superlatives.

– Whatever you write, sleep on it before sending it onwards – you’ll be surprised how frequently a fresh eye improves things.

– Humour can be effective – or it can ruin everything if it misfires. Unless you’re certain you can control the effects you’ve created and absolutely sure you know your audience inside out, do not take the risk. What works for one customer may offend others.

– Focus tightly on your product or service’s USP, rather than trying to say too much.

– Adding a topical angle can attract attention. Timing your advertisement to coincide with a big event or a sporting occasion can boost response rates.

If you need some help writing an advert, or any other type of promotional content for that matter, simply get in touch and I’d be happy to help.