Want to create a slogan?……at the very least try to make it good

Every little helps – Because you’re worth it – Vorsprung durch Technik- Beanz meanz Heinz – The make-up of make-up artists

Good slogans like these are remembered but, unfortunately there are hundreds of bad slogans, from the bland to basically the dishonest. Of course, you don’t have to have a slogan, but if you do it must at the very least be an honest one. Don’t boast and don’t lie. If you’re selling a very ordinary car such as a Peugeot, don’t refer to it as “The Car of Your Dreams”.

Multi-million pound advertising campaigns can sometimes hang from little more than a few memorable words. So, before you make any decisions, here are a few pearls of wisdom.


Honesty sells

If you really want to create a slogan, use the actual truth, rather than what you would like to be the truth. Think hard about what you really offer that makes you better than others. There must be something, but if you come up with nothing then it’s an opportunity to do something better than the rest and stand out.


Make it memorable

A good slogan or strapline should be catchy, memorable and reflect what you want the public to think your brand is about. View it as the sign-off that accompanies the logo in your advertising. It should say “if you get nothing from this ad, at least get this”

A phrase with meaning strikes more of a chord with the customer than just the brand name alone because, a good slogan not only gives the customer a commitment but tells them what the brand stands for.


Make it your own

A slogan should be ownable. This means it is a slogan that only your company can really claim. As with all marketing you want to try and differentiate your company from all your competition. The same holds true with a slogan. You should aim to pick a phrase that only you can say and that would not work for your competition to say. If they could say it as well, then you are not communicating something that is a unique selling proposition for your company.


Make it different

Your slogan should communicate what makes you different so that prospects can understand how you set yourself apart from your competitors. You don’t just want people to remember your company. You want them to remember how your company is different than all the other choices.

There are many pieces of advice out there of what your slogan should achieve. To a degree they are all right, but some advice should matter to you more than others. The best piece of advice that I can give is this – don’t use corporate jargon, don’t be pretentious and most importantly don’t be dishonest. If you’re looking for any support with your marketing activities, please get in touch today.