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I'm Suhayla Lawson and I set up Force Communications 6 years ago. I've been a Marketing professional for 25 years and have worked in the role of marketing across many industries that covers nuclear engineering, retail, construction, education and the public sector.

Whilst working in the industry I was always surprised by the high prices that many marketing agencies charged for their work. It meant that a lot of companies were unable to access the kind of support that they really needed.

Even basic projects such as creating a website or setting up branded social media accounts are all seen as standard by todays typical consumer, but some small companies view these as a high cost luxury and assume that high prices are the norm.

This is the reason why I created Force Communications.

I provide creative solutions to small businesses and sole traders who don’t want to or can't afford to pay large agency fees. Any kind of marketing activity may well be very low on your to-do list, so I can take the pressure off you and take care of those essential tasks that you just can't find the time to do.

Whether it’s a one-off job or you’re looking for something on a more regular basis, Force Communications can take care of everything, making life as low maintenance for you as possible.

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We offer a free consultation in order to discuss the best way forward. We can put together a brief, work with you to find out what you like and dislike, then hit the ground running. We aim to keep the process short and sweet as we know that your time is precious.